'Smokin' like a Prius'

Yesterday, I was told by a young man standing on the corner with his equally young friends that I am “smokin’ like a Prius.” I wish I knew whether to be flattered or insulted. A Prius does not have the street cred of, say, a Porsche, so I doubt he meant I was hot. Or maybe he’s just a geek, and a Prius is the IT car for him. At least I’m not smokin’ like a ’93 Pontiac dying on a curb in Jersey.

I also considered that he was insulting me, and I am, in fact, not “smokin’” at all.

I ultimately came to the conclusion that he was telling me I am a geek magnet, much like a Prius. Sorry, dude, but you can’t be more than 23 years old, and I prefer professional geeks with years of training in the art of nerdom. It’s not me, it’s you.