This is war, Facebook

Facebook says I should reconnect with Devon Jones. I think Facebook has gone too far in poking its Mafia Wars-lovin' face into my personal life. You don't know me, FB! You don't know anything about my relationship! Devon is sitting 4 feet away, sending email in his pajamas. God, Facebook is a pushy wench.

In other news, we continue the never-ending battle against bodily fluids. Yesterday, Devon cleaned up more cat pee out of his chair and off of the floor, and I cleaned up a puddle in the bathroom. During the night, I mopped up two separate puddles outside the bathroom. This morning, Sahrah vomited another cat (probably the same cat the Fatass fired out of her ample bottom).

In Fitz's defense, her pee pad really is disgusting and needs to be changed. I wouldn't step on that, either.