Kneel before Zod

Devon has been kicking around the idea of creating a zombie plague for a while now, especially since the whole "meat in vats" idea got snapped up by someone else. I have determined that the only way to stop him is to create zombies before he does. My idea: Think of the children. Yeah, you heard me. We take a population of people that is prone to violence and irrational behavior anyway -- children under 4 -- and we hop them up on sugar and caffeine. Then we eliminate naps. And adult supervision. And lock them all in a room with one toy to share. Instant zombie plague! And wiping out all the children is guaranteed to trigger an apocalypse, which is one of Devon's criterion for an effective zombie plague.

Oh, stop looking at me like that. Devon's PCP-induced zombie rage idea was certain to wipe out all the children anyway, but at least now adults can enjoy the rides at Disney World for a little while before the end.

I am so awesome.