Looking for some cheer here

I seem to have misplaced my Christmas spirit. Until about three years ago, I was so amped for Christmas that people had to tell me to calm my shit down, because it was just embarrassing in a grown woman, and I would tell those people to stuff it, because I had some Christmas cookies and eggnog to devour. Then I would waddle myself over to the TV and watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" under the explosion of Christmas lights and decorations. Christmas is always nice (last year I spent it in Rome, which was awesome), but I haven't felt that giddy excitement in awhile. Maybe it's because global warming has fixed it so that New York hasn't even seen snowfall yet. More likely it's because so many of my Christmas memories have centered around tradition -- making Italian cookies that take all day to make, even with three people; decorating the tree; making highly alcoholic eggnog punch; mom telling me not to put so much booze in the eggnog punch; mom begging me to open one of my presents early, because she liked giving them even more than I liked getting them.

When I mentioned that I wanted to start creating some traditions of our own, Devon pointed out that those things tend to evolve naturally. Not sure I agree with that, since traditions happen because people make them happen. At any rate, we don't tend to do the same thing twice, which makes it hard to create traditions, so I've decided to create some of my own. I was too wiped to do cards or decorations this year, but I'm going to do one festive thing if I have to kill people to make it happen.

What do you guys do for Christmas that has meaning for you? (If you don't celebrate Christmas, let me hear your other holiday traditions. I'm a fan of yule.)