Happy New Year, youse guys

I know, you're all wondering, "What did you do for New Year's Eve, Dirty Hooker?" What, you weren't wondering that at all? Shut up, yes you were. If you guessed "partying like it's 2009 in a drunken urban orgy," try again. It was my turn to watch Dad for the weekend, so Dad and I spent the day repeating the same three conversations a dozen times each and paying bills. When Dad suggested we have a drink at about 4 pm to celebrate the New Year, I was happy to oblige. Alcohol is probably contraindicated in half of the dozen or so medications he's on, but I figure, he's 88 years old, and if he wants a drink, I'm not gonna be the one to tell him no. So I poured him a small glass of some B&B we had in the cabinet.

While I sipped it delicately, because this stuff is strong, he pounded that shit like he was on leave in the army. He's awesome like that.

Then, when Devon got home from work, Dad had a couple of glasses of wine and a glass of champagne with us. He's hardcore.

He was morose for only a few hours before the clock struck midnight, but still, it sucks waching an old man cry. The next day he'd forgotten it was New Year's, so all was well again.

This past week off from work was the greatest gift in the world. I got to play WoW and bake cookies and sleep a ton and generally decompress from the high-intensity second half of 2009. We topped it off with turning my desk from a horizontal shit catcher into a real, functional office space and turning one of the closets in the second bedroom into a usable craft center.

Devon installed shelves. I think I will keep him.