Why is it never promiscuous sons?

"It's like living under a mountain with a dragon. Some years it's your virgin daughter they take. Nothing personal."-- Devon, after the City of New York towed his car

You know what I didn't want to spend $800 on this month? The list is pretty damn long and includes spider anti-venom, but I most definitely didn't want to pay $800 to reclaim our own car.

The car was towed because, according to the DMV, we owed $400+ in parking fines. Maybe we did, maybe we didn't. Devon says he paid online, but he doesn't have any proof, so the DMV has essentially told us to suck their tail pipe.

Even if we hadn't paid, $400 for an unwanted tow and storage for half a day is bullshit. Somewhere, somebody said: "You know what we should do to people who don't pay their fines? Make them pay an even BIGGER fine." And then a whole bunch of other people laughed maniacally and twirled their mustaches and jabbered on about installing FREAKIN' LASERS at the toll booths to keep traffic moving swiftly.

The part about the lasers is true.*

Anyway, Devon presses on with wanting to own a car in New York, and I press on with not wanting to pay $800 in fines, so life is back to normal.

* The part about the lasers isn't remotely true. Sucker.