Wake-up call from Chase Bank

A conversation about Dad's bank account that I had with a rep from Chase at 8:30 this morning, three seconds after being  jolted awake by the phone: Chase guy: I would like to speak to yadda yadda about his account. Me: Yadda has dementia and is deaf and doesn't do well on the phone. Can I help you? CG: I need to speak to someone authorized to speak on his behalf. May I speak to his wife? Me: His wife is dead. CG: I'm very sorry to hear that. Me: You can speak to me. I'm his daughter and should be listed as a contact on his account. (We went through that process the last time I needed to speak to someone on Dad's behalf. I gave him my name.) CG: You are not listed as an authorized contact. Me: I don't know what else to say. CG: May I try calling back this afternoon? Me: Dad will still be deaf and have dementia this afternoon. CG: Well, I can't speak to you without authorization. Me: OK, bye, then.

As hard as it is to believe, I'm not usually snarky with strangers. Dude was just doing his job. I guess my social filters need time to kick in when I first wake up.