Touchdown in Maui

Thanks to a couple who missed their plane, we made it to Hawaii. Continental overbooked, but we caught a break at the expense of the misfortune of others. I sit here now listening to the sounds of the Pacific Ocean and drinking a margarita as Devon marinates the fuck out of some chicken for tomorrow's dinner. I'll make some brownies later, because this is the sort of stuff we do on vacation. I wasn't sure we'd make it. Last Thursday, I spent the night in the ER with Dad, whose colon decided to go rogue and strangle his small intestines. That's the way colons are sometimes, going bad when you least expect it. Dad survived the surgery and is recovering fairly well, minus part of his colon and sporting a colostomy bag. He had a pacemaker put in today, since he has also developed a heart condition. The time in the hospital is not doing good things for his cognitive function. Most of our travel plans seem to be up in the air until we actually leave.

I spent part of the 10-hour flight falling in love...with Walt Whitman. Few people make me as happy to be alive as Whitman. Dude was actually fired from his day job  for writing Leaves of Grass. People thought he was a big ol' perv. I'm not a big fan of poetry in general. I spent too much time in college listening to too many emo kids whine about their pain, I guess. But Whitman is the shit, y'all.

We're getting married on Monday (me and Devon, not me and Walt Whitman), and I've suggested Devon run from the crazy lady while he can. He is marinating chicken instead. He can't say he wasn't warned.