Six months and counting

Devon came home after a week in Colorado helping his grandmother, and the first thing he did after saying hello was tidy up the grocery bags I had left near the door. Then he washed the dishes in the sink, cleared the fur and dustbunnies from under the entertainment system, organized some video games and cleaned the counter. WHO IS THIS GUY AND WHAT HAS HE DONE WITH MY HUSBAND?!

I know what the "problem" is: His grandmother is a neat freak, and our place looks like a rat ghetto in comparison.

In other news, I went to a friend's wedding this weekend. David and Christine had a beautiful ceremony and reception. He proposed on the ice-skating rink in Central Park, and the proposal was aired on CNN, where they both work.

It was romantic and perfect.

It made me think about how Devon proposed. We had talked about getting married before the actual proposal, and I think he was looking for the perfect moment. Mom was really sick at that point, and it was important to me that she at least know we were getting married, even if she couldn't be there. We woke up one morning, and, with wrinkled pajamas and crud in our eyes, he asked me to marry him.

It was also romantic and perfect.

We marked our 6-month-aversary while he was in Colorado. I'd say something like, "How time flies," but after 6 months, I'd sound like a big dick, so I'll just say, "Six months! Woot!"