Fitz is here to buff me up

I don't need to go to the gym on days I take Fitz to get her nails trimmed, because she gives me all the workout I need. You see, Fitz is a jerk.

For the whole 13 blocks between my apartment and the groomer's, she does her best to stop at every tree, pole and patch of weeds to sniff and maybe leave her mark. I say maybe because she doesn't always pee. Mostly she's shooting blanks.

Then she tries to turn herself into puppy chow by taking on every dog and pigeon she sees, like they are offending her oversized min-pin pride by existing. She's a pretty tough dog on a leash.

Every once in awhile, she decides she doesn't want to walk anymore, and I have to drag her or carry her. Sometimes she does this in the middle of the street, when I'm walking against the light, like she's some kind of jaywalking narc.

Rinse, wash, repeat for the walk back.

Like I said, Fitz is a jerk.

But her nails are trimmed now and she is still alive. And I bought her the good dog food, with the real meat. I really shouldn't be rewarding this behavior.