When a weekend sucks, it really sucks

It started with Fitz throwing up in the car on the way to a picnic Saturday. She wouldn't eat that morning, she had diahrrhea, and she spent the rest of the day listless, lounging on a chair. On the way home from the picnic, we accidentally off-roaded the Prius a bit. The blacktop was a little higher than the edge of the road, and when we pulled it back, we blew both tires on the passenger side. Two busted tires - 1 spare = one busted tire and 70 miles to go.

After several hours at a gas station in Milford, N.J., we finally got a AAA tow back to Brooklyn: 70 miles at $4 a mile. I also need to thank a guy named Steve Hill, who stopped and offered us his spare, but it didn't fit. It was pretty darn nice of him to go through so much trouble anyway.

Yesterday, we took Fitz to the pet ER because she still wasn't eating or drinking, and she was on the couch all day, extremely listless. That's where she is now. Her temperature rose to 104 F, then dropped to 94 F. Her blood pressure and blood sugar are low, and she seems to be in some pain in her abdominal area. The doc is running more tests to find out what's wrong with her. It could be a really bad stomach ache, or pancreatitis. Or she could have a uterus infection that's making her septic.

I hope not. Fitz is a good dog. A crazy dog, but a good dog.

Also, we're looking at about a $3000 vet bill, on top of the $1000 we spent on her mouth and the roughly $700 I expect to spend on the car situation.