I be pimpin'

In my ongoing effort to make an income yet never have to commute again, I have opened a CafePress store. Not much on it yet, but you can find things like beer glasses and t-shirts with these two images so far. Look into My Eyes When You Talk to Me I'm Not a Sociopath. I'm Just a Dick.The second was inspired by my friend Saul, who really isn't a sociopath. He's just a dick. If you want either of these images on a product that isn't in the store, let me know and I'll make one. Visit the store at Dark Portal Crafts, or click the link at the top right side of this blog.

Another friend (who isn't a dick) is working on a graphic that I hope to turn into some crafts and t-shirts and such. Stay tuned! Or go have a snack. I won't mind either way. I'm pretty chill.