Hurricane Irene blows through

Hurricane Irene has come and gone, leaving the annual giant holes in our ceiling that we have come to expect this time of year. The one on the right is big enough for me to crawl through. We cut open the ceiling to keep it from collapsing like it almost did last year. Holes in the ceiling

There are other leaks in the bathroom and second bedroom, and some condensation formed on the vents in the master bedroom. Not to mention the periodic downpour from the AC vent in the kitchen.

Buckets are useful things, and Devon and I set an alarm to take turns every hour emptying them and checking for damage. It was the only way we could get any sleep at all.

Still, no one was injured and the only personal property damage appears to be the living room rug, which is damp and caked with drywall.

I really wish they would just fix the hole properly instead of creating a flood path into our apartment.

Also, if you were trying to read this blog yesterday or the day before and had no luck, it had nothing to do with Irene and everything to do will not renewing the domain name. D'oh!