Awesome vs. less than awesome: A bear-fighting chick from Alaska vs. Eric Cantor

This woman is too awesome for my brain to cope with. My dog would have been bear food, because I would have run screaming like a girl. Smokey the Bear would never pull that shit, by the way. Smokey has class.

Also, I wrote a lengthy entry about how Eric Cantor needs to DIAF before news broke that he recanted on his asinine plan to tie relief funding to budget cuts. I'm so glad he seems to have seen the error of his political ways (temporarily) that I'm not even going to give him too much shit for being a troll-faced weasel in the first place. It has to be humbling to wake up and realize you are a bigger dick than even the people who voted for you are willing to tolerate.

Cantor says they "found the money," which makes me wonder if he ransacked GE CEO Jeff Immelt's sock drawer.

At the same time, I hold my breath wondering how he is going to use funding the clean-up of Hurricane Irene to starve babies and push old people down stairs. Funny how disaster relief needs to be funded, but wars and tax cuts are like cookies from heaven -- a right-wing heaven that bakes only heterosexual, God-fearing cookies.