Being undocumented means you should be chained and horsewhipped

That seems to be the gist of the comments section for this article in HuffPo. Summary: Undocumented women are being forced to give birth in handcuffs, their babies are taken away from them shortly after birth, the fathers are barred from being present and other asshattery.

The "logical" conclusion some of these people have come to is that if you're accused of a crime, there are no limits to what the police can do to you. Because these people are dickholes.

The problem for me is that I can't figure out what is the single biggest threat to national security. When I asked Devon whether it was anchor babies or homosexuality, he said, "That's an impossible question, because they're both the end of the world as we know it."

Dear Law Enforcement: If the chick you have in custody is flat on her back and has a 7-pound larva emerging from her hoo-ha, SHE ISN'T GOING ANYWHERE. Really, she's not. She just wants to get it the fuck out. Then she will want to engage in the unspeakable crime of holding, and maybe feeding, her baby. And allowing her husband or boyfriend to be there with her is unlikely to lead to a Mickey and Mallory-style escape from the maternity ward. Everyone will be too goddamn tired for such shenanigans.

Yeah, I know: These women were charged with crimes. Somehow, I doubt you would think this was cool if these people had, say, stolen mascara from MACY's, so just fess up and admit you're racist booger rags.

Even if you're hard-line on immigration because an illegal immigrant stole that lucrative fruit-picking job you were gunning for, there's good news: Human decency will not increase your taxes. We don't need to be assholes just because we can be.