Occupy Wall Street marches on

I spent the morning downtown checking out Occupy Wall Street and taking photos. It was a cool fall day, and a lot of people were still sleeping in sleeping bags and under tents. A lot has already been said about this, and I don't have any wisdom to offer. But it's pretty exciting to see so many people exercising their right to freedom of speech in such a big way, even if it's still a work in progress.

The complaints are mostly financial:

We Bailed You Out, Now It's Our TurnToo Big to Fail is Too Big to AllowWall Street

Some are about education, implicitly and explicitly:

School BudgetJerms



Good sign. 





                            Bad sign.



Some people go for the long shot:

Native American Holocaust

Retirement PlanSome people relax:

Hunger Strike

Man restingMan relaxes at protestSome people work:

Man selling shirtsPolice officerAnd some go off the deep end:

Shank Barney FrankCrackberry

I can't help but wonder how many will stick it out through the first frost.