This cat is STILL an asshole

We were happy to have our friend Amy stay with us for the weekend, but Devon and I made a terrible mistake. We allowed Sahrah to sleep with us in the bedroom for two nights to keep her from bitching and moaning in the hallway, and now she's feeling a bit entitled. She'd never been able to jump over the child gate we installed by the bedroom door until last night. She finally realized she could get over it if she jumped near the slightly lower edge. Her jumping over might not be so bad if she didn't do it with claws out, ninja-fucking my face on the way in.

We put up a strip of tape on the door and on the floor where she launches herself, and that seems to have solved the problem for now. But I had another idea.

Devon: What do you want for breakfast? Me: We could eat Sahrah. Devon: She'd be kind of stringy. Me: But it would solve the problem. Devon: That's a more permanent solution than I had in mind. Me: But we'd be able to keep her with us. Forever. Devon: You're really disturbing sometimes.