I can't even pretend my husband isn't a pervert

For reference, you'll need to know the following: 1) Rule 34 is the idea that if you can conceive of it, there's porn about it.

2) My Little Ponies are the best toy figures ever. Anyone who questions this truth is a stupid poopy head. Also, some people think they're hawt.


(12:16:14) Devon: wow, rule 34 is just (12:16:15) Devon: damn (12:16:27) Monica: ? (12:16:29) Devon: there's my little pony porn (12:16:47) Monica: Wow (12:16:48) Devon: not only is there my little pony porn, it's a fucking genre (12:16:53) Devon: called Clop Clop (12:17:00) Monica: Hee (12:17:18) Devon: we're all going to hell (12:17:25) Devon: forever and ever (12:19:36) Monica: And ever, Amen (12:21:24) Devon: indeed (12:22:25) Monica: Wait: WHY ARE YOU WATCHING MY LITTLE PONY PORN AT WORK?! (12:22:35) Devon: heh (12:22:39) Devon: I'm not (12:22:44) Monica: Are too. (12:23:09) Devon: so someone sent this out:http://ski.ihoc.net/ (12:23:25) Devon: which is basically an open source version of an ms basic game from the dos days (12:23:39) Devon: which got replied to with this: http://www.fanfiction.net/game/SkiFree/ (12:23:53) Devon: so rule 34, there is even SkiFree porn (12:24:12) Devon: then one guy suggested that one look at the first suggestion in the dropdown on google (12:24:20) Devon: if you type "rule 34" (12:24:33) Devon: 1) Rule 34 2) See what the first google auto-suggest for rule 34 is, and weep for mankind. (12:25:01) Devon: which got this response: (12:25:04) Devonhttp://www.reddit.com/r/clopclop (12:25:13) Devon: I leave the rest to you (12:25:46) Monica: I think you like horsie porn.