Your kids are morons, say regulatory agencies

Devon ordered some Pathfinder miniatures because he's a geek with a credit card, and this is what came in the mail. Pathfinder figurines

Now look at the bottom. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Warning labelI won't even start with the supposed necessity of labeling toys like this a choking hazard or the redundancy of pairing these labels. Fine. I give up. You win, minions of the obvious. There might be people who aren't aware that young children divide the world into shit they can fit into their mouths and shit they can't. If my sister's quaaludes had been labeled when I was 2, she might not have left them around for me to munch on. Who's to know, right?

What baffles me is the need to label this "14+." It's not like these are figurines of half-orcs giving blow jobs. I've seen more offensive minis in my Lucky Charms. If your children can't handle these minis at 13, 12, hell, even 7, you need to return them, because they're all broken.