One of those mushy holiday posts that makes people want to stab themselves in the face with a turkey leg

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This is a list of shit I'm grateful for. I ended that sentence with a preposition because I'm out of control with holiday spirit. This is not an exhaustive list. I'm grateful for lots of stuff. But TLDR is no way to kick off Thanksgiving.


Friends: They make life way more fun. And they buy me things like this.

Star Trek Phone

It's a Star Trek phone that sat on my nightstand for a long, long time. A few friends bought this for me in high school, because they accept and nurture my geekiness. I love you guys so much, and I'm not even drunk. Much.

Family: Some family. Not all family. I would tell a few of them to kiss my ass, but I don't trust them to stand behind me. But of the family that doesn't suck, and you know who you are, I love you. You have convinced me that I should not move into in a cave with my cats and a case of Peak Organic.

Devon: Without him, I would have fewer fun things to blog about and fewer tasty omelets to eat. Considering the events of the last three years (many of which I can't blog about now because weasels will eat my toes), I would have also thrown myself in front of a lawnmower. He handles my blog abuse with good humor and sometimes suggests things to abuse him about, which makes me worry for his mental health. He also fits into categories #1 and #2, which is pretty sweet.

Roleplaying games: Gaming might have ensured my virginity for far too long, but as an adult, DnD and Pathfinder are reasons to drink excessively and hang out with awesome friends (see #1). It's also the only chance I have to be a badass half-orc fighter/cleric. It's hard to take yourself seriously when you're summoning a dire rat.

Cats: My cats complete me. Sahrah plays hackysack with my hair bands. Fatass punts Sahrah off the table with her paw. The both demand fuzzy love whenever they damn well please, and they hovered close when I was alone the night Dad died. Cats are so much better than iguanas.

The Internet: Without the Internet, I would have to talk to people face to face and shop in real stores. Many of these stores aren't close to me, which seems like a design flaw. Also, I wouldn't be able to write this blog. I don't know what I would do with all that time. Maybe count really high on my abacus, then shake it up and start over.

What are y'all grateful for?

This shit is cool. Trust me:

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