I'm not 'adopted.' I'm a 'gently used human from a third-party uterus.'

I say "retard" a lot. It's not PC, and that's sad. Not sad to me, of course, but sad to people who wish I wouldn't say “retard.” It's the euphemism treadmill -- where words that had perfectly acceptable meanings become insults, to be replaced by more acceptable words that go on to become insults. Like, "I used to call those retards in the park morons, but I'm more sensitive now and call them 'imbeciles.'"

Idiot, imbecile and moron morphed into “mentally challenged,” “special” and “exceptional,” which are even now being tossed at that kid in the second grade who never remembers to wipe himself.

For physical disabilities, it was: lame, crippled, handicapped, disabled, physically challenged and now differently abled. "Handi-capable" is still bullshit and don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

I expect this to go on forever. People will create new phrases and try kill the old ones by making everyone else feel like insensitive neanderthals. (I have no evidence that neanderthals were insensitive. I'm sure they volunteered at no-kill shelters and sent Christmas gifts to poor kids.)

In the interests of navigating a politically correct world, I agree to use whatever the currently acceptable word happens to be. All I ask in return is that once a word has fallen out of polite usage, it be released to the wilderness of impolite usage, where the rest of us can use it to insult the drooling retards in our lives.


This shit's cool. Trust me:

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