Spankings for everyone!

I knew we slipped from the newlywed phase into domestic tranquility when rubbing Devon's back made him think about household appliances. Devon: The Maytag Maxima is an awesome dryer. I can't wait until we have a house so we can get one. Me: You've been drooling over that one. Devon: When I'm not drooling over stoves, like the ones with the griddle in the middle. Oh yeah. Me: It's too bad you're good at what you do. You missed your calling as a domestic goddess. Devon: I'm more domestic than most men. Me: Yeah. If you were a stay-at-home husband, I could spank you for getting the wrong coffee. Devon: God, that ad is so weird. Who thinks it's OK to spank your wife for getting the wrong coffee? ... I mean, spanking isn't always bad. ... Me: Yeah. It's all about context.


This shit's cool. Trust me:

In the end, it's always about vagina Edible spray paint Stupid commie Muppets