The War on Religion is back, baby!

Were you aware that every day in America, children are being flogged for praying in schools and wishing people a merry Christmas? It's true! Rick Perry says so. Rick Perry

Here's the story at Fox News: The only legitimate news source on the Internet.

Check this out, from Todd Starnes of Fox News: "It was President Obama who declared in an e-mail to CBN News that 'whatever we once were, we’re no longer just a Christian nation.'"

How dare Obama point out that people in this country are exercising their freedom of religion. That's what we get for electing a Muslim president.

I, for one, am glad Perry will end Obama's War on Religion when our Lord and Savior makes him president. Then all our brave men and women overseas fighting religion can return home to their families, and we can redirect all those tax dollars to something important, like making sure people can't get married unless their pee pees interlock.

Fine, I'll stop. I can't keep a straight face anymore anyway.

Starnes goes on to say: "It was during the Obama administration that Christian school children were ordered to stop praying outside the Supreme Court building because they were violating the law. Instead, those American boys and girls were forced to pray for the elected officials while standing in a gutter."

This is technically true. But the Supreme Court does not have a policy prohibiting prayer. This happened because one police officer misunderstood the Court's policy on group demonstrations. I'd also like to note that I got a crappy cup of coffee from my local coffee shop today. I'm waiting for an explanation from Obama, as this tragedy happened on his watch.

The rest of his column is equally asinine, but you can read if for yourself.

To avoid making myself bug nuts, I've decided to kick back and enjoy the War on Religion (officially known as the War on Religion, Christmas, Children and Sometimes Yo Momma). Republicans trot it out every December, and it has become warm, comfortable and hairy, a lot like yo momma.

There are three things I love about the War on Religion.

Oh, fuck it. Never mind.