It's probably a good thing Devon didn't kill me

Don't tell him I said that. I don't want him getting a puffed up head, thinking he's right ALL the time. I'm sure he'd never think to read my blog. My day in court ended well. In short, my brother has agreed to accept a settlement. In return, he will withdraw his challenge, and I can sell the house.

I can't believe this part is over. I keep pinching myself. It's like my brain tumor got downgraded to a head cold.

In a few weeks we can put the house on the market, and we could be completely done by summer or fall if all goes well.

I keep repeating that last line to myself, but it still doesn't feel real. Maybe I'm asleep. But if I'm writing a blog post in my dreams, then I'm the dullest person on the planet.

Please let me know I'm not dreaming. You can do this by sending me dick jokes.