I finally drank the Jedi Kool-Aid

Yes, I'm playing Star Wars The Old Republic. So far I'm fairly impressed, although my toon is still in newbie land, so there's a lot more to see before I decide whether it's going to be my new boyfriend. I need to roll a Sith and see what it's like to be eeeeeevil. In a video game, I mean.

My Jedi Consular is kind of a dick. In one quest, I bust two young lovers for doing what they do. Jedi are not allowed to fraternize. I felt bad for about a minute before I realized two things:

1) This couple is so cutesy they make me want to vomit, and for that they need to be stopped. 2) The last time a Jedi got his groove on, it led to Episodes 1, 2 and 3. The Jedi are right. Love is a threat to galactic peace and should be squashed beneath my cynical boot heels.

Sorry, kids. You're gonna have to go back to masturbating like the rest of the Jedi.

Maybe I'm more temperamentally suited to Sith. But that can't be true, because busting those crazy kids is a light-side choice. Maybe the light side of the force is just an asshole, like me.