Florida to poor: Lay off the chips, you poor fatties

At first glance, this Florida bill prohibiting people from buying "nonstaple, unhealthy" foods using food stamps seems like a good idea. Poor people shouldn't be using taxpayer money to buy foods that are going to kill them when other public programs are suffering. But if you stop and think about it, it gets more and more retarded. And then you realize why Fark gave Florida its own tag.

Ronda Storms, a Republican state senator from Florida, says it's about the unfairness of taxpayers paying for junk food items combined with concern for the health of poor kids. But it seems the goal is more about gaining a petty sense of moral control. Dog forbid poor people enjoy -- and let their kids enjoy -- a snack every once in awhile.

This is increasingly nonsensical when you consider all the unhealthful foods that are still available: orange juice, apple juice, flour, sugar, bread, sugary yogurt, etc. Kids will be putting down the chips and picking up those gross yogurt pops, I guess. I wonder who gets to decide what is junk food -- and how long it'll be before Florida just starts sending people boxes full of the foods they're allowed to eat. It would be a lot simpler that way.

The worst part: The law doesn't even save Florida any money. It's not about cutting costs. It's about waving a "naughty, naughty" finger at people who are getting kicked in the teeth already. I always assumed these programs were about keeping people from starving to death, not about imposing some state-approved diet on the poor. Stupid me.

Note to Florida: Your poor residents may very well be abusing the system, but it isn't by munching on a 99-cent bag of Cheez Doodles. Back away slowly from the smug self-righteousness.