Madonna flashes me back to the '80s during the halftime show

The Super Bowl halftime show reminded me of why I loved the '80s.

First, there was Madonna. I don't know whether she and Lady Gaga actually have that much in common besides both being attention whores, since I prefer to live in the past regarding my musical tastes, but the show encapsulated the '80s: tacky, over-the-top costumes full of blinding bling and a seizure-inducing mishmash of themes and songs.

I went to a Super Bowl party, and one comment I overheard pretty much said it all: "What the fuck is happening?"

The whole thing could have gone horribly wrong considering Madonna is 53 years old. Age might be just a number, but there's a number at which you look ridiculous in a thong, and Madonna seems to have grasped that her time for thongs is behind her. Lo and behold, she's still sexy fully clothed, despite the camera's many attempts to get cooch shots. Plus, I can totally relate to her missing that step and nearly falling. The last time I wore heels that high, I couldn't even walk on my own.

Rock on, Madonna. Never stop wearing leopard-print capes.