In every good story, there's always a gimp

That's not true at all. But there should be. Think about how awesome it would be if, say, Santiago from "The Old Man and the Sea" had been fishing for gimps instead of fish. And if he'd strapped a huge gimp to the side of his boat, and by the time he got back to shore, lots of shark gimps had eaten his large gimp down to the bone, and there was nothing but a ball gag and a skeleton floating in the water behind him. That would be so sad. I'd cry for him, instead of wanting to punch him in the face for not pulling the fish meat into his boat once the fish was small enough to haul inside. If it had been a gimp instead of a fish, I would have understood. No one wants part of a gimp.

Maybe I'm wrong about that last part.

Chris Elzinga understands that art should have gimps, too. Check it out.