Sims 3 has convinced me that twins are hell

Sims 3 is fun, but I find it oddly stressful sometimes. Like when my pre-fabricated single Sim, a trauma surgeon, had twins and had to choose between peeing herself and starving to death. Time management is hard even for Sims. Hungry Sim

Sim eating ice cream

Cranky sim

The game takes a very "Yay! Babies!" approach to life. It assumes your Sim is always going to be overjoyed at the news, and especially so with twins. I'd prefer more realism. Like, "Your Sim is kind of ambivalent about the whole thing, but she'll make the best of it." Or "Your Sim is a gutter ho who has narrowed down the potential baby daddies to seven candidates. Good luck, kids." I'm also waiting for the abortion expansion pack, complete with multi-colored hangers and toxic herbs and fundie protesters outside the Planned Parenthood clinic.

Sims have advantages over real people. Like, they get paid maternity leave from the moment they find out they're pregnant until the kids are about 2. That's pretty sweet. On the other hand, she can't ever leave the house, because the game interprets her desire to throw the newspaper away as an attempt to abandon the children.

Sims are also more honest with their kids. Below, my Sim explains mortality to her toddler. I'm not sure what that other kid is babbling about. On an unrelated note, these twins looks so different from each other that I'm not even sure they have the same father.

Sim teaches toddler to talk

They're both about to level. I mean, get older and go to school. Now maybe I can feed my Sim something other than ice cream.