You'll have to pry the bacon out of my cold, dead hand

Here's another article declaring "THIS THING YOU LOVE WILL TOTALLY KILL YOU, DUDE!" Check out this Gothamist article: Any Amount Of Any Type Of Red Meat Will Kill You, Says Science.

First, there's so much wrong with this headline. Like, who is this guy "Science"? Why does he have only one name? Is he like Madonna or Cher or Bono? One of these asshats is trying to steal your meat.

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Second: The journal article doesn't say what the headline says it says. Gothamist is like, "Put down that delicious cheeseburger before it rips your face off!" The journal article, Red Meat Consumption and Mortality, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, is much more reserved. Their conclusion is that too much red meat can lead to premature death, which is not a new observation. Also, trying to pick apart nutrition science is like trying to separate the pee from the rest of the pool water.

However, the article is worth reading for the YouTube video alone.