I'm older than Jesus, so Jesus needs to respect my authori-tay!

Beer.I celebrated my 34th birthday last weekend with some friends, who were awesome enough to join me for dinner at a local German beer/whiskey/restaurant place near my apartment.

I'm totally cool with being 34, since I'm not yet old enough to be president, which means I'm still in young territory, never mind what Devon says, since he's ragging on me for being old and will probably be stabbed in the face by a mob of angry ferrets in a random act of violence for which I will have a convenient alibi.

Don't blame me. Blame the ferrets. They're unpredictable.

However, as a friend pointed out the last time I talked about the ferrets, they're also kind of ADD, so they might end up just playing basketball instead of stabbing Devon in the face. It's a crapshoot.

I also got some awesome presents, which were totally unnecessary but greatly appreciated. Ellen, Misty and Coni got me flowers. I initially assumed Misty was holding a severed head behind her back, because seriously, what else would it be? But it turned out to be flowers, which were lovely, so thank you, ladies, even though it wasn't a severed head and that's kind of disappointing.

BTW: If you click on that link, the picture of Misty holding a bag of her own vomit won't be there. I don't know why. The phone I took the pic on has gone to the big cell heaven in the sky, which is sad for you, because the picture was extra special. But it's probably for the best, since Misty is a lawyer and might send me a strongly worded letter asking me to take it down. Most likely she would send me a strongly worded letter asking me for more wine and ideas on making human-skin mosaics, but still.

Oddly, it was also my birthday that weekend with Misty and her bag of vomit. Weird.


Other stuff:

It looks like my 80 GB iPod is about to bite it, and, as I was trying to decide between getting a new one and humming to myself, and all the options in between, I wondered what other people are doing these days.

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