Happy Ostara!

The up side of giving up formal religion is that I'm not stuck doing things that seem pointless for reasons I can't figure out. I stopped getting anything out of Catholicism when I was in grade school, but I continued going through the motions to make my family mother happy. This isn't a slam on religion overall. It just doesn't do much for me anymore. The down side is that I miss the rituals that come with religion. I still celebrate Christmas and Easter in a more secular form, and mostly as an excuse to eat and drink and hang out with people I like. But Devon and I both want rituals that mean something to us, so we've been embracing the pagan holidays I started celebrating when I drifted away from Catholicism in college.

BeeToday, we celebrate Ostara. Most pagan holidays are about death or birth, and this one is no different. I'd completely forgotten it was Ostara until last night, but I still felt driven to plant an herb garden and spring clean the holy hell out of my living room yesterday. There's something about spring that makes us all want to get ready for new things. I made hot cross buns for breakfast this morning, and when Devon comes home, I'll make dinner and we'll listen to Stravinsky: The Rite Of Spring.

There was a riot during the Paris premiere of this ballet, but no one's sure whether it was because of the music or the choreography. Or maybe the concession stand was out of Skittles. No one knows for sure. If you buy it through the link above (for 89 cents), I get a small kickback.

For the recipe for hot cross buns, which I made partly in my bread machine, check out my Facebook fan page.