Take the placenta out of your mouth and walk away

"Part of the reason I wanted to eat my placenta in the first place is that I am fascinated by the human body and all that it can do." -- Nancy Redd, The New York Times, "I Regret Eating My Placenta" Redd regrets eating her placenta, and I regret reading this article, because, OH SWEET BABY JESUS! THIS REALLY HAPPENS! The only good thing here is that it gave The New York Times the opportunity to run the best headline ever.

Yeah, I know some animals eat their placentas. Some animals also eat their young and their own feces. (Our dog Fitz used to make frequent runs to the 24-hour cat-shit drive-through.) I remain unconvinced.

This is what a placenta might look like. And recipes!


If you want to nom nom nom your placenta, don't let me stop you. Maybe future research will uncover hidden benefits. But my take on this sort of thing is that if your body gets rid of it naturally, you don't need it back. That's why I don't suck on tampon lollipops.

Yeah, try to sleep with that image in your head.