The No. 1 cause of divorce is math. I just made that up. Maybe because my math is bad.

Lately, the most I see of Devon is the back of his head. He decided working 70 hours a week wasn't enough, so he's taking four online classes, one of them a graduate-level class. He agreed to drop one of them when I stabbed him in the eye with a sharpened metal protractor. His vision is returning, and he's only a little twitchy around math tools now. But before that, he tried to explain to me what he's doing in class. Also, he has Tourette's now. Devon: These pluses and minuses represent the combination of alleles to generate a genotype, and I have to be able to determine the probability of the phenotype, for which I have to run their values through the sigmoidal function to get those values. **Maniacal laughter.**

Me: I recognize those words as English, but you just made up your own syntax, didn't you?

Devon: Fuckers!