My public plea to Bill Murray

Please, please, please do not make "Ghostbusters 3." It seems Murray might do the movie after all.

Bill MurrayFrom the article:

"When asked by Tomasulo if the project was a possibility, Murray echoed: 'Well, it's a possibility.'"

Also from the article:

"Murray had allegedly returned a copy of the 'Ghostbusters 3' script in shreds with an accompanying note that said, 'No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts.' Aykroyd vehemently denied those reports."

If that's true, then Murray has the right idea, although it's not the "fat" and "old" part that strikes me. I paid to watch Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau grump at each other, after all.

The problem is that some kinds of magic can't be re-created. Like "The Catcher in the Rye." At 16, it embodied everything I felt about the world of adults and their phony-ass selves. After 20, it's just some angsty kid who thinks he's the shit bitching about stuff he doesn't know anything about.

It's a similar problem with "Ghostbusters." The movie holds up far better than "The Catcher in the Rye." It's still the source of so many catchphrases of my generation: "What did you do, Ray?" "When someone asks if you're a god, you say yes!" But we will inevitably compare No. 3 to the awesomeness that was the first movie, and it will come up short. Look at "Ghostbusters 2." With some distance between it and the first movie, it's actually not a terrible movie, but it suffers in comparison.

Dan AykroydIf Aykroyd does manage to get the band back together, I will even go to the theater to see it. But I will hate myself afterward.

So please, Bill, listen to a complete stranger on the Internet: Run screaming from "Ghostbusters 3." Talk to Harrison Ford about his attempt to revive Indiana Jones. Sometimes you just have to let it go. You're making a living playing offbeat old men in offbeat movies. Keep doing that. Save Dan Aykroyd from himself.