Two years of marriage and there's yet to be a hammer fight

Today, Devon and I are married two years. As Devon points out, this makes me his longest wife EVAR by about a year. In celebration of that, I won't even humiliate him on the Internet today. People who know us personally (and anyone who has sifted through my entire blog) know we've had a rip-roaring good time these past few years, if your idea of a good time is being ritually disemboweled by insane elves and having your corpse reanimated for a freak zombie circus.

If you've tortured yourself by sifting through my entire archive, you might like that sort of thing.

I left a bunch of stuff out of the blog because we're still in the middle of it, and I'd rather wait until it's over to write about it here. Still, I look at some of my friends' problems in comparison to ours, and I'm grateful, because our problems are external. They'll be behind us eventually, and I get to kick those problems' asses with my best friend.

Don't tell him I said that. He'll think I'm going soft in my old age.