DIY Friday: Funding awesome projects

DIY Friday is a little different today. I'm going to pimp Kickstarter and Kiva, two organizations Devon and I have been using to help fund interesting, worthwhile projects. Kiva lets people from all over the world request small loans to start or expand businesses or do any number of things. Several months ago, I loaned a woman in the Philippines $25 to buy supplies for her convenience store. She has taken out and paid off 20 loans like this one. It works because lots of people kick in small loans. Like with any loan, you might get it back, you might not, but it's a great alternative for people who want to give but hate not knowing where the money is going.

Kickstarter is full of fun and interesting projects. Recently, I helped fund Remee, The REM-enhancing Lucid Dream Mask and a project for custom-dyed yarn.

If you donate a certain amount, you can usually get samples of the product, but you can contribute as little as a dollar if that's what your budget allows. Kickstarter donations are routed through and are super easy.

We're both pretty excited about being able to support interesting projects without having to put up millions of dollars. Also, I can't wait to get some funky yarn in the mail.