Coney Island was mostly cool, except for the part where humans suck

So I was going to write about Prometheus today, and how that movie just keeps getting worse the more I think about it, but I need to call out the skanky ho who killed a crab at the Coney Island pier for no good reason. The crab was inches away from making it back into the water when she came over and kicked it and squished it, for reasons Devon and I still don't get. She just didn't want to see it get back into the water. I have no problem with killing crabs, assuming you're going to eat them. But she wasn't going to eat it. She was just a thundercunt, and I regret not getting her picture so I could post it here with the caption "Brooklyn's Biggest Dick-faced Weasel."

If you're the kind of twatninja (thanks, Donna W) who kills things just because you can, I hope you get crotch rot that never heals.

That is all.