It's over between us, Google

Google disabled my AdSense ads because of this post telling people to stay away from kiddie porn. At least, I think it was because of this post. Apparently, I violated their policy prohibiting sexually explicit content. Their example of my trespass is a link to my homepage, so the whole damn blog could be problematic, but the only remotely sexual thing I've written in a month is the kiddie porn post. Check out Google's list of prohibited content:

"Sites which offer compensation programs ("pay-to" sites) Adult content Content which advocates against an individual, group, or organization Content that promotes illegal activity or infringes on the rights of others Gambling content Drug, alcohol, and tobacco-related content Violent content Weapon-related content Hacking and cracking content"

I'm going to ignore the which/that abuse. It's beside the point.

They consider adult content to be:

"Lewd or provocative images Crude or indecent language, including adult stories Sexual tips or advice Sexual fetish sites (e.g. foot fetish content) Adult toys or products Ads or links to external sites containing adult content"

So Google and I are breaking up. Looking over the above list, our romance was doomed from the start.

Broken heart

If anyone knows of an ad network that can deal with "kiddie" and "porn" in the same sentence, let me know. Google can keep the $1.93 I made. They earned it.

I've decided to have some fun with my newfound freedom by letting down my hair. My challenge over the next few weeks: to break each and every one of Google's guidelines. If Google were a man instead of a faceless corporate entity, I would be revenge fucking my away across the Internet. Stay tuned!

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