I'm not dead yet

Just moving. Here's the breakdown of last week: -- Took two cats to Colorado. -- Went back to New York to close on my Dad' house, which was bittersweet. I'm glad to have it done, but I grew up there, and I'm kind of hoping against all reason that the new owner doesn't change the Raggedy Ann and Andy switch plate my mother never replaced, even long after I moved out. Also had to deal with some last-minute plumbing issues before we could close. -- Flew back to Colorado.

Now Devon and I are unpacking, which is way better than packing but still a time suck. While I was in New York, Devon called to tell me that he was pretty sure, with the way some of the boxes got mangled, that some of my mother's china bit the big one. But after opening the boxes, we were pleasantly surprised to find that we hadn't lost a single dish or glass. Devon is baffled. I credit Mom intervention.

In other news, today would have been Dad's 91st birthday. Happy birthday, old man.