My yarn addiction be gettin' all crazy up in here

This is some yarn I hand dyed at a class at Fancy Tiger, a yarn-and-fabric shop in Denver. Hand-dyed yarn

I've been told dyeing your own yarn is a gateway drug to spinning your own yarn, which is a gateway drug to owning a sheep farm in Ireland and giving up all contact with the modern world. I'm sure you can see the logical progression.

I learned two techniques for dyeing yarn: kettle dyeing, which involves placing the yarn in a water bath and adding dye to the bath; and hand-painting, which is pretty much what it sounds like.

You can heat set the yarn in a microwave, which is much faster than using a stove or a slow cooker, but if you use dyes that aren't food grade, have a separate one for dyeing. That goes for pretty much all of your supplies.

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